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Albert Einstein Quotes ( English )

Albert Einstein Quotes ( English )
Albert Einstein Quotes ( English )

Name: Albert Einstein

Born: 14 March 1879

Died: 18 April 1955

Nationality: Multiple (German at Birth, US citizen at the time of Death)

Field: Science

Award / Achievement: Nobel Prize in Physics (1921), Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service to Science, Honorary degree, Copley Medal (1925), Max Planck Medal (1929), Franklin Medal (1935), Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1926), Matteucci Medal (1921)


अपनी प्रतिभा के कारण, अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन को अक्सर भौतिकी के दायरे से परे कई विषयों पर राय देने के लिए कहा जाता था। यह उसके लिए जिम्मेदार प्रेरित उद्धरणों की विस्तृत श्रृंखला के लिए है।

अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन (14 मार्च, 1879 - 18 अप्रैल, 1955), प्रसिद्ध सैद्धांतिक भौतिक विज्ञानी, सापेक्षता के सिद्धांत को विकसित किया और आधुनिक भौतिकी का पिता माना जाता है। 

परमाणु भौतिक विज्ञानी रॉबर्ट ओपेनहाइमर ने आइंस्टीन के अपने छापों को यह कहते हुए साझा किया, "वह परिष्कार के बिना लगभग पूरी तरह से और पूरी तरह से सांसारिकता के बिना पूर्ण थे। एक समय में एक समान पवित्रता थी और एक बार बचपन से ही हठी थी।"

मुझे लगता है कि देशी बुद्धि के साथ मिश्रित आश्चर्य की यह भावना आइंस्टीन के सर्वोत्तम उद्धरणों में स्पष्ट रूप से आती है। का आनंद लें!


There are two ways to live life. 
First of all, there is nothing surprising, 
secondly that everything in the world is a miracle.

Two things are infinite: 
the cosmic and the foolishness of man; 
And I can not say strongly about the universe.

The person who never mistakenly did not try to do something new.

Every person is a genius. 
But if you judge a fish with the ability to climb his tree, 
then he will live his whole life thinking that he is a fool.

Do not try to become a successful person. 
Rather than being a human being on values

In front of God, we are all equally wise-and an equal fool too.

When you are sitting with a nice girl, 
it takes about one hour to a second. 
When you are sitting on the blinking ember, 
one second takes about one hour. 
This is the relativity.

If you want to live happily then build it with a goal rather 
then a person or object.

According to the best of their capabilities, 
the conviction in political matters is the duty of every citizen.

Incidentally, God is the secretive way of God.

Anger resides in the chest of fools.

The correct sign of intelligence is not 
knowledge but imaginability.

If human life is to be alive then 
we will need completely new thinking.

The logic will take you from one location to another, 
imagination can take you anywhere.

Human beings should see what is, 
not what they should be according to it.

A table, a chair, a bowl fruit, and a violin; 
What else to be happy?

Information is not knowledge.

No problem can be solved by staying at the
 same level of consciousness on which it has arisen.

Peace can not be achieved by putting emphasis, 
only by understanding it can be achieved.

Trust is identified only by real risk.

The opportunity is hidden in the middle of the problem.

More ideas than knowledge are important.

If a fact does not meet the principle then change the fact.

Without question, respecting an authorized person 
has to go against the truth.

These false beliefs of God, 
who believe themselves to be truth and judge of justice, 
divide God.

True religion is the true life, 
living with your whole soul, 
all goodness and all generosity is the true religion.

I do not say good or bad to anyone in heaven and 
hell because my friends live in both places.

A man never knew how to give a good farewell. 
And a woman never understands when to give a good farewell.

I do not have any special ability, 
I am just curious.

This world is very horrible, 
not because of those people who do bad but 
because of those people who see bad and let them get worse.

Education is that which you remember 
even when you have forgotten everything that you remember.

Being in search of truth and knowledge 
can be the greatest feature of a person.

 Things are stronger than humans.

Violence can always remove the obstacle quickly 
but it can never be creative.

Time is very short, 
if we have to do something 
then we should start now.

Personality is not created by hearing or seeing, 
hard work and working.

The price of a person is not what he can achieve, 
but it is in what he can give.

Can not bring peace from fear Peace comes 
when we try honestly for mutual trust.

Thinking about Newton means to remember their great deeds. 
It can be argued about his personality such as 
how much struggle he had to prove in an omnipresent truth.

You must learn the rules of the game 
And then you will play well with any player.

Learning from tomorrow, live in today, hope for tomorrow. 
The most important thing is, do not stop questioning the tail.

Peace can not be kept by power. 
It can be obtained only by understanding.

We can not eliminate our problems with the same thinking,
 with the thought, we have created them.

The difference between foolishness and intelligence 
is that there is a limit to intelligence.

Madness: To do the same thing repeatedly 
and always hope for a different outcome.

Most people say that it is intellect which makes a great scientist. 
She is wrong, the character itself makes a great scientist.

If you can not explain something in a simple way, 
then it means that you did not understand it correctly.

Science is lame without religion, 
religion without religion is blind.

If you are driving safe while kissing a beautiful girl, 
it means that you are not paying much attention to 
the kiss as much as you should be given.

Gravity is not responsible for falling in love with the logo.

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